Releasing ozone’s
power for your industry

Discover how the sanitizing and oxidizing power of ozone can disrupt your industry, whether you work in agriculture, cosmetics, medical or other sectors

About us

Agreen Biosolutions S.r.l. Benefit Company is an Italian startup, based in Friuli Venezia Giulia, specialized in the innovative chemical treatment of fatty acids contained in vegetable oils with ozone gas. Our final products are ozonized oils, mainly used as an active ingredient in personal care products, medical devices, and nutrition and crop protection products, thanks to the sanitizing and sterilizing effects of ozone, stored and fixed inside the oil by our proprietary process. We operate mainly through contract manufacturing of ozonated oils as active ingredients based on our European registrations or by developing finished products for specific applications and needs.

About the Product

The ozonation reaction of an oil is a chemical process involving exposure of the oil to a continuous stream of gaseous ozone by insufflation. It mainly affects the -C=C- double bonds of the unsaturated fatty acids in the oil and produces stable ozone derivatives through a sequence of reactions and the formation of several intermediates called ozonides or Criegee intermediates.

What we do

We specialize in the production of ozonated  oils on industrial scale with our proprietary process, to be employed as active ingredients in two macro sectors:


Our ozonated oils are registered in Italy as “Corroboranti” (DPR n. 55/2012 Art. 1 comma 4) and can be used as a substance for the production of biostimulants products (EC Reg. no. 2019/1009) protecting crops from abiotic stresses and improving their quality features. Studies and tests are underway for the potential registration of our ozonated  oils as active ingredient for Plant Protection Products (EC Reg. no. 1107/2019)


The curative and sanitizing effect of ozone has already been recognized and used for years. Our ozonated  oils are used for skin and personal care, anti-aging and anti-cellulite solutions and many others. Ozonated  oils are used for healthcare as biocide in dermatology and dentistry or as medical device in specific applications for example against arthrosis and rheumatisms and other pathologies.

Our Vision and Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to find new, sustainable and safe solutions for the health of people and the environment. Ozone, one of the most powerful disinfecting molecules found in nature, has great potential for human health. When stabilized  inside vegetable oils, it releases its full power to help people live healthier and safer lives. In particular, through our ozonated oils we aim to develop new solutions that can replace or reduce the quantities of chemicals used to date in farming, enabling the transition to safer and more sustainable agriculture.

Our Mission

Our mission is the development and the sustainable production of ozonated  oils on an industrial scaleat affordable prices, to make new ozone-based solutions globally available . We are becoming the leading producer of ozonatedoils in Europe, expanding their use in new sectors and discovering new potential applications  day by day. In particular,  in the agricultural sector our goal is to develop and register a completely organic substances for biostimulation and biocontrol in order to replicate and replace chemicals used today, whose production leads to relevant CO2 emissions.